Venice in december

Par: Alealex

02 nov. 2018 15:45

Venice in december

Venice december 2018

Anyone interested in a lovely apartment in the heart of Venice?
It's available for a week starting from December 8!


Réponses (3)

  • Fany
    Par: Fany

    06 nov. 2018 21:43

    Bari? oppure Calabria? 

  • Cerdanya
    Par: Cerdanya

    06 nov. 2018 22:25

    hello, it's possible first week of 2019? 

  • Alealex
    Par: Alealex

    11 nov. 2018 12:16

    Hi Cerdanya, no the apartment is available that week only.
    Fany, grazie per la proposta. Ho visto il vostro appartamento in Calabria. L'altro è a Bari città?